International 8-Ball Pool Rules

1 SPIRIT OF THE GAME The game shall be known as International 8-Ball Pool with rules that must be played in a sporting manner at all times. 2 EQUIPMENT & TABLE LAYOUT All equipment that is generally accepted throughout the industry is permitted. No other equipment is allowed unless ratified by the Tournament Director. However, […]

X Referee’s Guidelines and Duties

The Referee’s Duties and Guidelines listed below supplement those directions contained in various other sections of these rules. (1) The Referee’s decision is final except where players have been advised that it is possible to appeal to a Head Referee or other higher authority. (2) Information to be disclosed / not disclosed by a referee:- […]

T Balls Falling Without Being Hit

(1) Any ball that falls into a pocket at any time, without being struck, shall be replaced by the Referee to its original position, no penalty. Time will be re-started and the player in control continues with the visit. (2) Should any ball fall into the pocket after a shot is played and before balls […]

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