8 Ball Umpire

World EightBall Pool Rules

Breaking the Balls

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(1) The Object Balls are racked as shown with the Eight-Ball on the Spot.
(2) In the absence of any competition / tournament rules to the contrary, a coin will be tossed or players will ‘lag’ to determine which player will break.
Rules for the ‘lag’

The winner of the toss or lag shall decide who will break first. If a series of frames is to be played (A Match), the break of each subsequent frame will alternate.

(3) The first shot of a frame is called the “Break”. To “Break”, the Cue Ball is played at the triangle of Object Balls from Baulk. The frame is deemed to have commenced the instant that the Cue Ball is played.
(4) (a) The Break will be deemed a “Fair Break” if:-

(i) At least one Colour is potted.
(ii) Four Object Balls (at least) are driven to a cushion.
(b) If the Break is not a Fair Break it is a Non-Standard Foul and:-
(i) The opponent is awarded two visits.
(ii) The balls are re-racked.
(iii) The opponent re-starts the game and is under the same obligation to achieve a Fair Break.