8 Ball Umpire

World EightBall Pool Rules

Guidance to the Rules

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This guidance should be read in conjunction with the AEBF Rules, W.E.P.F. Rules and the E.P.R.A. Calling Procedure.

Should any guidance contained herein conflict with the instructions of a Head Adjudicator, the instructions of the Head Adjudicator shall take precedence.

1. Equipment (rule B)
Players may not use equipment or accessory items for purposes, or in a manner, other than for which the items were intended.
A rest should be provided as part of in house equipment. Most venues will also supply other forms of mechanical bridge (for example spider, swan neck) however, if these are not available no allowances should be made.

2. Definitions (rule C)
The word ‘Striking’ means making contact between the cue tip and a ball.