8 Ball Umpire

World EightBall Pool Rules


At the commencement of each match, you will be issued with a timer, a ball marker and (for singles matches only) a spare cue ball. Return these to the adjudicator at the end of the match.
There is a jigger and a spider under each table. Check that these are in place before and after each frame so that time-outs to access a rest are not be required.
For tight snookers where an extra cue ball or string is required, an adjudicator must be called.
If an adjudicator is required, do not leave the table. If you cannot catch the attention of an adjudicator, ask someone to get one for you.

Singles Events
Score Sheets are issued by the adjudicator, mark the break sequence, complete the score sheet in full.
The first break is determined by lag. Subsequent breaks alternate.
Each player has a 5 minutes practice. The adjudicator will call and time the practice for the first matches of the session. You must time practice for subsequent matches.
At the end of the second players practice:
brush the table;
rack the balls;
hand each player a cue ball for the lag.
After the lag, clean one cue ball and place it against the top ‘baulk’ cushion (or hand it the breaking player, then call time running.
At the end of each frame:
record the result;
rack the balls;
announce the score;
clean the cue ball and place it against the top cushion (or hand it the breaking player);
call time running.
At the end of the match:
announce the result;
have each player sign the score sheet;
brush the table;
rack the balls and clean the cue ball;
return the timer, spare cue ball, ball marker and score sheet the adjudicator.

Lagging for the Break
Both players start with cue ball in baulk (umpires will be issued a spare cue ball).
Players play the cue ball down the table to rebound off the bottom ‘rack’ cushion back towards baulk.
Both cue balls must be played before the first ball reaches the bottom cushion or the lag is replayed.
The cue ball must not touch any of the side cushions, but may hit the top ‘baulk’ cushion.
The winner is the player who’s cue ball is closest the top ‘baulk’ cushion