8 Ball Umpire

World EightBall Pool Rules


At the commencement of each fixture you will be issued with a timer, a ball marker. Return these to the adjudicator at the end of the match.
There is a jigger and a spider under each table. Check that these are in place before and after each frame so that time-outs to access a rest are not be required.
For tight snookers where an extra cue ball or string is required, an adjudicator must be called.
If an adjudicator is required, do not leave the table. If you cannot catch the attention of an adjudicator, ask someone to get one for you.

Team Fixtures
2 tables – 1 umpire per table.
Team managers record results.
Each team has a minimum of 5 minutes practice before the match commences. In some cases practice times will vary, example  being 10 minutes. The adjudicator will call the practices.
The adjudicator will instruct the umpires take control of the tables at the end of the second team’s practice. You should have 5 minutes to brush the table and rack the balls and clean the cue ball.
The adjudicator will call time running for the first match. If the table is not ready, call time running once the table is ready.
Adjudicator calls
‘Home Team first 5 minutes practice’ followed by
‘Please change over, Away Team 5 minutes pratice’ followed by
‘Umpires please table control of the table’
During each round, as each frame is completed:
rack the balls;
clean the cue ball and place it against the top ‘baulk’ cushion (or hand it the player);
call time running.
At the end of the last frame of each round:
start one timer for 5 minutes;
brush the table;
rack the balls;
retain possession of the cue ball;
after five minutes, clean the cue ball and place it against the top ‘baulk’ cushion
call time running for both tables.
At the end of the match:
brush the table;
rack the balls & clean the cue ball;
return the timer and ball marker the adjudicator.