8 Ball Umpire

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8 Ball Umpire: Brush the Table

Pool Table Brush

Table Brushes & Napping Blocks

A good selection of high-quality billiard table brushes to keep your table in tip-top condition.
We recommend you regularly brush your tables with a good quality billiards brush whenever play is finished to remove excess chalk & dust.
Using a good quality horsehair or billiards brush and with short firm strokes start at the ‘D’ end or baulk (so as to be in the direction of the ‘nap’ – the direction the fibres lay flat and can be felt by gently stroking the cloth).
Brush down the table in one straight line with the next ‘run’ to slightly overlap the previous. Remember to brush under and around the top of the cushions in the direction of the nap.
Excellent bristles enable the nap to be kept flat- reducing the risk of a torn cloth.
We also supply napping blocks. The napping block’s purpose is to push the nap, or grain, of the cloth back in the right direction prior to ironing. This results in a smoother, cleaner cloth, with a more consistent roll.
The block has a sturdy solidwood handle and also a cut-back, so it can fit under the rail of your table and reach every part of the cloth. It is a vital accessory to any enthusiasts table for a perfect surface to play on.