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Develop your skill and knowledge as assessor and presenter at the Office of Sport’s combined Assessor and Presenter Training. This comprehensive course supports Coaching Accreditation Schemes (NCAS) and National Officiating Accreditation Schemes (NOAS).

Assessor training focuses on building evaluation skills to improve competency-based assessment of coaches and officials, while the presenter training looks at improving effectiveness in planning, preparing, delivering and reviewing presentations. This course is ideal for assessors and presenters in the NCAS or NOAS programs.

Topics include:

  • Planning the assessment process
  • Assessing competence
  • Presenters role and competency based training
  • Planning and preparing a presentation
  • Engaging your audience, learning styles and communication skills
  • Presentation and teaching methods for theory and practical content
  • Facilitation skills and questioning techniques
  • Effective use of a range of teaching aids (eg. data projector, video, whiteboards).

To successfully complete this course, participants must attend both presentation days and complete the required work and assessment tasks


Presenter/Facilitator Training – Deliverer’s Guide and Curriculum

Sport Australia’s Presenter/Facilitator Training Program aims to equip presenters and facilitators with the skills to deliver quality and effective coaching and officiating programs.

Additional Resources

  • Presenter/Facilitator Training – Presenter Kit Slides(PPT • 2.4 mb)
  • Presenter and Assessor Training – Case Studies: Waterpolo Swimming & Netball(PDF • 28.3 kb)
  • Presenter/Facilitator Training – Participant Manual


Assessor Training Curriculum

Sport Australia encourages National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) to train their assessors.

Training Resources

  • Assessor Training – Deliverer’s Guide(PDF • 205.1 kb)
  • Assessor Training – Presenter Kit Slides(PPT • 2.8 mb)
  • Assessor Training – DVD Presenter Notes(PDF • 90.5 kb)
  • Assessor Training – Flyer(PDF • 141.6 kb)
  • Assessor Training – Participant Manual


Mentor Training – Deliverer’s Guide & Curriculum

Sport Australia has developed guidelines for organisations wishing to develop a mentoring system.


Training Resources

  • Developing a mentoring system(PDF • 50.0 kb)
  • Mentoring case studies(PDF • 41.6 kb)
  • Mentor Training Manual