8 Ball Umpire

World EightBall Pool Rules

C Definitions

C Definitions
C Definitions

(1) Shot: A “Shot” begins when all balls stop moving from the previous Shot. A player “Plays a Shot” by striking the Cue Ball with the tip of the cue. A “Shot” ends when all balls stop moving from the current Shot.

(2) Play: To “Play” an Object Ball is to play a shot that results in the Cue Ball’s first contact with another ball to be with that Object Ball. To “Play” the Cue Ball is to strike it with the tip of the cue.

(3) Ball On: At any time during a frame, a ball “On” is any Object Ball that the player may play without incurring a penalty.

(4) Pot: A ball is “Potted” when it leaves the bed of the table, enters a pocket and remains in that pocket.

(5) Visit: A “Visit” comprises one shot or a series of shots. Each visit lasts until the player fails to pot a ball “On”. (Or until a foul is committed or the frame ends)

(6) Turn: A players “Turn” at the table comprises one visit or, after most fouls committed by the opponent, two visits.

(7) Frame: (a) A Frame is one game of Eight-Ball Pool between two players or two pairs of players. A Frame is played from the opening break and usually through until the Eight-Ball is potted. (b) A player may concede a frame at any time. (Note: there are other ways that a frame may end – see “Loss of Frame”)

(8) Match: A Match is a predetermined number of frames of Eight-Ball Pool between two players, two pairs of players or two teams of players.

(9) Player in Control: A player (and the player’s partner in doubles) is deemed to be “In Control” of the frame from the time that the balls stop moving from the final shot of an opponent’s turn until the balls stop moving from the final shot of the player’s turn. There can be no instance, once a frame has commenced, that someone is not in control.

AEBF Doubles Interpretation (Laurie Sheen – 21-06-2003)
When a pair of players are in control, either is permitted to touch the table up until such time as the player whose turn it is to play the shot, goes down in preparation of such shot [ie. the non shooting partner cannot touch part of the table, or hold his finger etc. above the table, as a guide to his partner as to where to make contact with either ball or cushion.