8 Ball Umpire

World EightBall Pool Rules

I Time Allowed

I Time Allowed
I Time Allowed

(1) A player has a maximum of sixty seconds to play each shot.

(2) The Referee will start timing when all balls have come to rest from the previous shot.

(3) If the first thirty seconds elapses before a shot is played, the referee will call “Thirty Seconds” as a warning to the player. This call must be made the instant the thirty seconds has expired. A Referee should not postpone the call because it appears that the player is about to play a shot.

(4) If a shot is not played within sixty seconds it is a Non-Standard Foul. The incoming player is awarded two visits from: -(a)Where the Cue Ball lies, or, if the player wishes (b) From Baulk.

(5) The referee may decide to grant “Time Out”, being a period when timing ceases:- (a) At the request of a player. (For example, something is obstructing the player or the player needs to leave the playing area.) and / or (b) Because the referee deems that it is warranted. (For example, the referee may call time out when making a close foul snooker decision or when searching for a piece of equipment requested by the player.)

(6) When the referee has racked the balls the referee will call “Time Running”. The oncoming player then must play the break shot within 60 seconds. J Fouls There are three types of foul. Standard Fouls, Non-Standard Fouls, and Loss of Frame Fouls. A player can only be penalised for one foul at a time. If two or more fouls are committed during a shot, the foul that carries the most severe penalty will apply