8 Ball Umpire

World EightBall Pool Rules

L Non-Standard Fouls

L Non Standard Fouls

Non-Standard fouls are to be called by the referee as soon as they occur and the fouled player is in control, until all balls from that shot come to rest. The referee will then impose the relevant penalty. Non-Standard Fouls are so called because the penalty and / or options of the incoming player may vary.

(1) Failure to perform a Fair Break. { see (F) The Break (4)(a)&(b) }

(2) Failure to play a shot within 60 seconds of the time that the balls came to rest from the previous shot. { see (I) Time Allowed (4) }

(3) Potting the Cue Ball on a Fair Break. { see (F) The Break (4)(c)(1) }