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World EightBall Pool Rules

X Referee’s Guidelines and Duties

X Referees Guidelines and Duties

The Referee’s Duties and Guidelines listed below supplement those directions contained in various other sections of these rules.

(1) The Referee’s decision is final except where players have been advised that it is possible to appeal to a Head Referee or other higher authority.

(2) Information to be disclosed / not disclosed by a referee:-

 (a) (i) A player is responsible for knowing the rules of the game. It is not the referee’s duty to explain or quote the rules to a player.

(ii) A referee, if asked by a player, may divulge certain information pertaining to the frame in question under the guidelines of the “Past, Present and Future Rule”. A referee may divulge information relating to any past event or present situation in the frame. For example: – “whose turn is it?” – Present. “Was that a foul?” – Past. “Which Colour am I On?” – Present. However, “If I play this shot will it be a foul?” is a question regarding the Future and the Referee should advise the player that the Referee cannot answer this type of question.

(3) The referee shall either toss a coin, or the players shall lag, to determine the break. The winner of the toss or lag shall decide who will break first and the referee shall announce the decision.

(4) If an Object Ball (or balls) is potted on the break the referee will advise both players of this fact by announcing the Ball (or balls) potted. When Colours are decided for the first time, the referee will announce “Player ‘A’ On Red (or Yellow) Balls”. When that player’s turn is complete the referee will advise the incoming player of the situation by announcing “Player ‘B’ on Yellow (or Red) Balls”.

(5) (a) The Referee will call fouls as soon as they occur and the fouled player loses control of the table.

(i) The call for a Standard Foul is “Foul, Two Visits”.

(ii) The call for a Non-Standard Foul is “Foul, (and announce the relevant penalty).”

(iii) The call for a Loss of Frame Foul is “Loss of Frame”.

 (b) After a player has been awarded two visits the referee will make no call until the player fails to pot a ball “On”. (Except for 30 second time warnings and for any fouls that may occur) The referee will then call “Second Visit” to advise the player that the first visit is complete and the second visit is about to begin.

(6) The referee will call any instance when the Cue Ball is touching a ball “On”.

(7) In the absence of any competition / tournament rules to the contrary, two referees will referee each frame. One referee will make the standard calls such as “Second Visit” and “Player A on Red (or Yellow) Balls” while the other referee will keep the time.

 Both referees’ will be involved in the refereeing of the frame and either can call fouls.

 If one referee calls a foul, the other referee cannot overrule the call. That is, the two referees have equal authority.